• The "Islamic Sciences Programme" is open to all brothers and sisters wanting to begin a journey through understanding the Quran and the Sciences of Islam.
  • Term 2 will build on from Term 1 with more practical applications in surah Yasin.
  • The noun concepts will be introduced.
  • The students will be exposed to the sciences relating to the Quran, Tafsir, Fiqh, Hadith, Aqida, History, and the Arabic language.
  • The program will use traditional Arabic texts for each subject matter and introduce the students to reading Arabic texts and understanding Arabic conversation.
  • The program will be presented using powerpoint slides and the students will receive notes and exercises on a weekly basis.
  • The program will also facilitate groups to encourage knowledge sharing and skill development.
  • The students will also have full access to the student portal to gain access to the online resources available.
  • The program is structured into 4 terms each running over 8 weeks.
  • Each term contains 4 independent courses giving the students flexibility to choose which courses they prefer to attend.
  • After the student has successfully completed each of the modules they may then apply for the "Usul Deen Program"
  • No previous knowledge of the sciences or Arabic is required.